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New Era Cornerstones

Our mission is to support and inspire both young and vulnerable adults to improve their wellbeing, mental health and lives by providing support, guidance, assistance and opportunities, resulting in an environment where they can feel safe and flourish.

Help young people
into work
Provide communities
with safe spaces
Educate and
empower individuals
Breaking down invisible barriers.

Totals since 1st April 2021 to October, 2021.
This is against a backdrop of COVID 19 where access to police custody suites was severely restricted.


Total number of people engaged


Total who received advice and guidance


Total placed into Training and Education


Total placed into full time employment

The New Era Approaches

SMV’s story

SMV is a 26 year old male who started getting into trouble with the law when he was 16 years old and has spent most of his youth committing crime. In total SMV was arrested 19 times for various offences including gang activity, drugs, firearms, burglary and ABH. He has also spent some time in HMP.

SMV first came into contact with DIVERT and became a participant of the programme whilst he was in custody at Brixton Police Station. After having the Divert Programme explained to him, he was booked out for a consultation to discuss his background and how he could be helped by the Divert team. He was made aware of the opportunities offered by the DIVERT programme which he an expressed an interest in.


The New Era Foundation offer a suite of different courses to help you progress and grow.

MYND – Skills for Life

The course aims to assist young adults in leading more fulfilled lives, and progress in further education, work, and relationships with themselves and others.

The Kai’zen Project

NEF deliver the Kai’zen project which encompasses a digital online e-learning platform designed to empower and create Awakening Moments with its target audience

Case Studies

The true identities of these people have been changed to protect their identity and the integrity of the programme.