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The New Era Foundation offer a suite of different courses to help you progress and grow.

MYND – Skills for life

This programme, compiled in collaboration with MYND, is a unique personal-development programme for essential life skills.

The course’s objective is to help young adults develop a set of life-skills to help them engage and showcase their best possible selves. It aims to assist young adults in leading more fulfilled lives, and progress in further education, work, and relationships with themselves and others.

The New Era – MYND Skills for Life Programme achieves this by delivering practical, engaging and inspiring programmes through audio and animated modules to help young adults believe that positive and productive change is a real possibility.

The on-going programme covers essential life skills topics, including:

  • Self-presentation
  • Respect for self and others
  • Making outcomes happen
  • Consequential thinking
  • Increasing resilience and confidence
  • Improving self-esteem

The NEW ERA – MYND Skills for Life Programme comprises of short audio and animated modules carefully designed in simple language that is easily understood and digested by young adults. Modules are informative and use several socially conscious characters to reinforce key messages. The programme includes a series of test questions and self-reflective exercises to help young adults understand and retain the information.

Note: The programme uses tried and tested practical and applied techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing techniques, and solution focussed therapy as its evidence-based framework.

The Kai’zen Project

NEF deliver the Kai’zen project which encompasses a digital online e-learning platform designed to empower and create Awakening Moments with its target audience, designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of what coercive control and domestic abuse is, the signs to look out for and what preventative measures are available.

There is a growing need to ensure every man, women and child receive the support they need in their local community to keep this safe and to learn about healthy relationships, lets help to build a safer community and create Awakening Moments together.