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Ros Holsborough

Ros Holsborough

CIC – Wood Green

Growing up in Hackney gave me the experience of being part of a large community. As a teenager I enjoyed athletics, my training helped me to stay focused and somewhat disciplined. I found these traits very useful in my adult life. I enjoy keeping active and working on my creative skills, I have recently developed a passion for woodwork and upcycling furniture.

Prior to becoming a DIVERT Intervention Coach, I previously worked in prisons for eighteen years; Offender Learning for fifteen years and Resettlement services for three years. My career in the prisons gave me the opportunity to work as a practitioner; devising and running assessment classes for the education provider as well as oversee the operational aspects of resettlement services (post release).

I acquired a vast amount of experience working with vulnerable adults, listening to their stories and getting to understand the barriers they’ve faced throughout their lives.

Following my departure from the prisons I ventured into different areas where I felt I could draw on my previous experience. I managed a home for 16-18 year old residents preparing to leave care, I worked as a behavioural mentor in a secondary school; a learning support for statemented children and an employment coach for Tottenham Hotspur Foundation (the community provision).

I have been a DIVERT Intervention Coach for the past two years now. I still find it rewarding to witness people overcome challenges and develop the skills to make healthier choices to improve their lives.