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Olivia Preston

Olivia Preston

CIC – Burnley

Olivia has always had a passion to support people, in whatever that may be, however she’s have always had a strong interest in crime, what triggers crime and why people are able to commit such intense acts from a psychosocial point of view.

Olivia wanted to work within a community environment, with more scope to make a difference and work on a 1-1 basis with my clients. DIVERT gives her the opportunity to provide custom interventions to support and guide my clients onto the correct path of life while engaging clients into education, training and employment, with herself as their constant support. Her role is an extremely rewarding role, watching and being a part of somebody’s life changing is huge and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of DIVERT through Preston North End Community and Education Trust.

Custody Intervention Coach, working within police custody and Preston North End Community Trust as her base. She engages with clients aged 18-25 who have a history of committing violent offences. Initial engagement is within the police custody environment which will then progress to community engagement once the client has been released. Our aim is to reduce re-offending by supporting our clients to make positive changes within their lives through education, training and employment.

Olivia is cleaning obsessed so love to clean and tidy constantly, along with applying her love for interior design to our lovely first home.

She loves spending time outdoors, playing sports and attending the gym 5 times per week.

She enjoys cooking, baking and delivering the treats to my family and friends to taste test!

Eating out at restaurants.

Spending all the time in the world with my puppy.