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Joshua Wilson

Joshua Wilson

CIC – Oxford United

Born in Reading, Berkshire at the Delwood Hospital on February 29th. A leap year’s day baby. Father of two, husband of one.

Joshua Wilson has a passion for the positivity and a self-imposed, mission for challenging some of the stereo types we are fed by the media and our society. As a black man, he refuses to be confined to the proverbial box that perhaps some of you will seek to attach to this profile.

He maintains that the measure of any man must be the ‘content of his character’.

He is founder and senior pastor of The Spiritual Care Foundation – the home of Bethel United Football Club. Playing in the Thames Valley Churches Football League, he and his associates commit to using the universal languages of sport; music and the arts to replace ignorance with enlightenment.

Bringing hope in desperate situations, moving beyond the realms of organised religion to recognise and contest for the rights of the individual. Basic human rights remain a principal motivational factor in his driving force for the way ahead.

He seeks to make significant improvements in the community in a progressive and inclusive way.

As well as his full-time role as DIVERT Custody Intervention Coach he serves in his locality as Chaplain, Motivational Speaker, Radio Presenter, Singer, and very average Trombone Player.