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David Clarke

David Clarke

Lancashire Program Manager

David manages the DIVERT Lancashire programme, working with an exceptional team of Custody Intervention Coaches, local football community trusts and partners in the Lancashire Violence Reduction Network.

He’s passionate about helping young people at risk of offending to develop their own pathways to improved wellbeing, personal development and sustainable change. He came to the Third Sector having retired from a career in corporate financial services and has a lifelong interest in the causes of disadvantage, offending behaviour and how social impact can be achieved.

His values have been influenced by his own early childhood experiences and a reflection of how he benefitted from exposure to positive environments and supportive people, protective factors helping develop his resilience and personal philosophy of life.

David is a firm believer in the human ability to change and championing the interests of communities who are often denied opportunities purely by virtue of their circumstances.

He’s previously been a magistrate, trustee of South Yorkshire Probation Service and executive board member of a regional supported housing provider.