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TBL’s story

TBL’s story

The true identity of this person has been changed to protect their identity and the integrity of the programme.

TBL had several previous ongoing charges for various offences relating to indecent images and possession of a firearm.

TBL’S first meeting with the CIC was on the phone, TBL struggled to accept that DIVERT was a totally independent programme which operated away from the police and the ongoing investigations. The role of a CIC and the DIVERT programme was explained fully to TBL whom after several calls and Microsoft Team meetings, started to trust the process and as a result, opened up to the CIC and began to fully engage to the point, TBL was actively calling the CIC with a keen interest to source football opportunities.

TBL explained that he had had a very traumatic lifestyle, coming from a single parent family and growing up in a tough council estate, which resulted in TBL feeling that being part of a Gang gave him the family he always wanted and felt he missed out on growing up with one.

It was clear that TBL had potential, so the CIC used his strengths and interests of both football and music as a way to engage him and gain positive outcomes for him.

TBL was referred to a local football team Flackwell Heath FC by the DIVERT CIC, the goal of this was so TBL would have an opportunity to try out for the team with a view to joining it and get some Sports coaching experience, giving him a focus and reason to be away from his usual peer group and away from a “street way of life”. Sadly, due to COVID-19 TBL’s footballing career has not been able to go ahead for now and is on hold until the pandemic decreases, and it is safe for the football team to begin practising again.

In terms of education TBL was already in college, studying Sports coaching level 1, when he was introduced to DIVERT, unfortunately in November 2020 following an incident where he was a victim of a stabbing, that took place outside his College, he was permanently excluded, due to not wanting to make statements against the perpetrators or co-operating with the Police.

This was paramount to show his thought process around his trust for the Police force and again testament of his trust for the DIVERT CIC that he would even work with the Programme.

Following the stabbing and losing his college placement, TBL with the CIC support began to work intensively on building his CV and doing practise roll play interviews with the CIC to prepare him for work. The CIC enrolled TBL on a online level 1 Health and Sports (Exercise and Mental Health) course with the Open university , to build both his confidence, knowledge and to improve and showcase his skill set on his CV. This also proved a great help to keep him occupied and give him a purposeful focus during the lockdown period.

TBL continued to engage weekly with the DIVERT CIC over the coming weeks and through very rigorous application forms and interviews with Sainsburys, Amazon Warehouse and JD Sports TBL was eventually successful in securing a role in the local Tesco as a warehouse operative and started on 15/01/2021. This is a huge milestone for TBL as he has never worked legally before and is now a tax paying employee making a positive contribution to society.

TBL, continues to make frequent contact with the CIC to check in and update the DIVERT CIC on his health and wellbeing. He has expressed that he is nervous due to a change of environment and being out of his comfort zone as it is away from the street life he once led, but after discussions with the CIC around making himself and his Mother proud and in addition to the fact that TBL is making legal money, that he has earnt, and as a result, has taught him the value of money and now has the motivation to work harder.

Supporting statements:

“TBL has engaged well, once he was able to trust the DIVERT process and what was being offered to him, he fully engaged and sought out advice and opportunities from me on a regular basis. He has already spoke about being supported in getting back into another College in September 2021 to finish his Sports Coaching qualification and also working part time once this happens. I am glad TBL was able to realise his full potential, in such a short space of time.”

Divert CIC @ Thames Valley