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SXD’s story

SMV’s story

The true identity of this person has been changed to protect their identity and the integrity of the programme.

SXD is a 22-year old male residing in London. February 2019 SXD was introduced to the DIVERT programme whilst being detained within Croydon Custody Center. SXD had been arrested for class B drugs possession and was currently under investigation.

SXD’s initial engagement with the DIVERT programme took place within the Police Custody Center inside one of the consultation rooms, currently and always remaining completely independent of the police investigation on going. During the private and confidential consultation between myself and SXD, SXD voluntarily consented to being a part of the DIVERT custody intervention programme on offer to him.

This moment is deemed highly important in the DIVERT engagement process. This process involved SXD agreeing how this intervention programme and relationship with the DIVERT CIC will aid in his want to move forward with his life via an action plan and carefully planned out goals, this was done by listing the different expectations SXD and the CIC has regarding his path towards positive change.

Now 23 years old, SXD has made great progress in his life since engaging with and being supported by the CIC on the DIVERT programme. This case study will be used as a review on his journey and case.

Since the initial discussion back in 2019, SXD has made great progress and a real effort to change his life around. SXD has begun to and continues to build his experience and skills to have a career in the football coaching industry. SXD has started and completed his FA Level 1 Coaching Course, this was one of the action plans discussed during the initial assessment. This FA Level 1 coaching course was delivered and completed with the Crystal Palace Football Club’s foundation, the Palace for Life foundation.

SXD went on to start work experience in his local area for a local youth football team, this was done for several months before the COVID-19 virus led to a national lockdown which prevented SXD from doing anymore face to face coaching. SXD used this time to look into his personal development as a coach and completed a number of online FA education courses, such as Adult Mentor and FA First Aid training.

After months of these forms of development, SXD contacted his DIVERT CIC mentor and expressed his interest in becoming a paid member of staff at the Palace for Life foundation. The DIVERT CIC contacted the Palace for Life recruitment department and arranged for SXD to complete an application form and send it in. SXD sent this in and was offered a virtual interview in September over Zoom and was successful, SXD was then invited in to do a practical interview throughout the October school holiday. SXD was successful and has been offered a part time employment contract on a sessional basis with the Palace for Life foundation.

SXD has reduced the amount he smokes marijuana to only socially now and again. SXD understands that this is still an area he wants to improve on and wants to stop completely. The DIVERT CIC has continued to offer SXD support in this area and will continue to do so until SXD is happy to no longer receive support.

The DIVERT CIC and SXD and put together a new list of action plans to focus on for the coming months after this review.

The new focus will be to gain full time employment within a coaching setting, completely stop smoking cannabis, Start and complete FA Level 2 football coaching course.

SXD’s personal statement:

SXD said

“I just want to thank the DIVERT CIC and DIVERT for all their support of the last year and a half. Thanks to them I now have work within a premier league football club and will now use this to build on my career. He has been really helpful since I’ve met him, I said before he was like a hero and a knight in shining armour, and that hasn’t changed. Thank you. Now I am looking forward to the next steps in my life and career.”


“SXD has really shown his want to develop and sustain a career in the sporting and coaching industry. The COVID-19 virus and proved to be very testing times for the nation but SXD has used this time productively and remained disciplined throughout but using the time to further develop his skills and understand to benefit his choice of career path. SXD is a real example of how and why the DIVERT programme is important and a real game changer in changing the paths and destinies of young adults who may be on the verge of falling down the wrong path. I am pleased DIVERT has played the part it has in changing the direction of SXD’s life.”