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BAP’s story

BAP’s story

The true identity of this person has been changed to protect their identity and the integrity of the programme.

This case study is about a 20 year-old Kuwaiti male refugee in Burnley, Lancashire. BAP was introduced to the DIVERT programme via United Together, an Accrington Stanley Community Trust and Active Lancashire joint session, which provides networking opportunities for National Probation Service, Community Rehabilitation Community referrals and other disconnected members of the local community.

BAP consented to working on the DIVERT programme to help him identify realistic targets he could work towards to establish himself as a functioning contributor to the local community, as well as identifying the challenges and barriers which were facing BAP and what actions needed to be done to remove or ease these to allow his fulfilment of his potential.

BAP has been working with the programme since March 2020, not long after he had arrived in the country as a migrant and begun attending a local United Together Hub once a week to combat isolation and begin creating a network in the local area.

BAP had to overcome many barriers in the early stages of our work together. Initially we had to work together to find an effective method to communicate due to his minimal English speaking at the time, this is something we overcame via Google Translate initially and since, BAP has excelled in his English speaking through joining a local college where he is undertaking an ESOL course alongside working hard in his own time to self-teach himself via YouTube.

Throughout communication multiple times a week, we were able to establish BAP’s circumstances in relation to Housing, Finance, Education, Health and Wellbeing. We put together a plan of what he wanted to achieve, this was focused onto establishing a safe and settled housing situation as initially, BAP was residing in temporary accommodation supplied by the government whilst he was processed.

Fortunately, BAP was given the right to remain in the UK, this triggered a notice period where he would have to leave his property at the time. At this time, we were in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic and on the verge of the first lockdown, with this in mind there were concerns that there would be a lack of available resources and therefore the intensity to find a solution was increased.

Fortunately, within my network of partners I was able to put BAP in touch with Stepping Stone, who are a local housing support organisation who can provide longer term temporary accommodation and also support workers who can assist with resettlement needs and help him settle into the area. This worked brilliantly for BAP and was an excellent support as they helped him register with a local GP and dentist as well as supporting him into a local college and made sure he knew his local area and amenities well.

At college, BAP is studying ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) and Maths – Functional Skills Entry Level 1. During the early stages of our work together I also assisted BAP in getting his own bank account and applying for Universal Credit.

Now settled, BAP was further assisted in registering, joining, and knowing how to get to a local gym to help him maintain good physical and mental wellbeing which he had previously highlighted as a concern. In addition, BAP joined a local Amateur football club due to his passion for football, which alongside fulfilling his hobby time also opened the opportunity for him to meet new people and create a new, helpful network of local people.

BAP’s personal statement: Speaking of the support, BAP said:

“DIVERT has helped me a lot and it’s something I won’t ever forget. The CIC helped me with the house, getting a bank account and got me into football in the area. I will always appreciate that. The CIC is honest and someone I can trust”

BAP will continue with his college courses remotely until college re-opens and will continue to develop his network around the East Lancashire area. He aspires to live in his own house, undertake further education, gain employment, and make the area a permanent home for him.