New Era Foundation was founded in 2013

New Era Foundation was founded in 2013, its aim being to provide young, vulnerable, and disadvantaged adults increased opportunities for education, training, and employment.

In 2015, the Foundation engaged with DIVERT, a programme at Brixton Police Station in London, providing early custody intervention using police staff to divert young adults away from crime and prevent re-offending.

The Foundation worked with police to provide independent non-police custody intervention coaches (CICs) in the custody suite. This was an outstanding success and has dramatically reduced re-offending.

Totals since 1st April 2021 to October, 2021.
This is against a backdrop of COVID 19 where access to police custody suites was severely restricted.


Total number of people engaged


Total who received advice and guidance


Total placed into Training and Education


Total placed into full time employment

We Are A Strong Team

Relationships were developed with various local football community club organisations who now work together with the Foundation on this programme.

The success of the programme has enabled it to be rolled-out across six London custody suites with the current aim being to double this.

The Foundation working with local Violence Reduction Units has also implemented the DIVERT model in custody suites in both Lancashire and Thames Valley. Both areas are now fully operational using CICs from local community club organisations.

New Era Foundation has since developed bespoke online training for young adults to improve their life skills and mental health resilience leading to improved behaviour, thereby preventing re-offending.

Our Poem

Approaching with a smile,
Guidance and honesty,
Through the hatch we see,
A lack of support and plea.

Assistance and belief,
Engagement for prevention,
Fairness and transparency,
No more time in detention.

Awareness through diversion,
Violence is a past,
To leave behind this burden,
And break free at last.

Written by Olivia Preston – Former Custody Intervention Coach, Lancashire

Online learning

We offer a suite of different courses to help you progress and grow

We help young adults develop a set of life-skills to help them engage and showcase their best possible selves.